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Born Ready | Reality Bites
Kissing Blanket Fort Photo booth Installation

It’s been a dream of mine to build a massive blanket fort to my share magical experiences with everyone. Thanks to Born Real, they’ve given me the opportunity to fulfill those dreams. It was an intense experience to set up the blanket fort for their kissing photo booth under an hour. This was the biggest blanket fort that I’ve ever constructed (roughly about 6’ x 10’). I want thank Born Ready’s crew for helping me construct this blanket fort. 

In  the  original design it was suppose to look like a circus tent, but when I got to the site I had to change my game plan. With very limited time I created a dome structure with the Crazyforts Kit. I used scotch tape to reinforce all the joints together and carefully hung up in the ceiling. The key to make the blanket fort look spacious is to create more height, thankfully the ceiling was high enough for the installation. To enclosed the structure of the tent I draped it over with my white bed sheets. I added some magic with additional handmade decorations and pretty lights surrounding outside and inside the blanket fort. 

Overall the installation was a success, I was worried people wouldn’t noticed it but from the distance you can see it illuminate in the corner of the venue. There was a consistent line up for people to take their photos and selfies with their phones. I felt like I accomplished the vision that Born Ready wanted for their kissing booth.

I want to congratulate Steph Bosch and Julia Stead for hosting this event. The DJ’s played really great music and everyone was dancing with each other. It was truly a blast and I feel proud to be apart of it. I can’t wait to see what they will host in the next event. With that being said, to see more information updates about Born Ready events please check out their website and like their Facebook Page. Also if you were dancing with me or near me, you would probably spot yourself in these photos that I took and posted on my flickr

new beginnings

I officially moved into my new home, and I can’t be more happier to finally have a space to eat, sleep and work. For months I felt like I was being split into two space. It was really unsettling to manage two places at the same time. I’m just glad it’s over.

In this new chapter of my life, I hope to create bigger and better projects near in the future. While I was unpacking I realized most of things I own are tools and art supplies. I’ve hoarded so much materials that just sat in boxes for many years. My goals is to use the things I have; make good use of them. I spoiled myself with another set of storage shelves where you can see that I’ve displayed all my books, boxes of materials, and things that I’ve made and collected. This helps me to work better in a organized space. To make my home more personal, I decorated my space with things that I’ve made such as my garlands and art works that I’ve collected over the years. Also having more space on the shelves gave me the confident to really display some of my own personal works that was tucked away for years. 

I’m not sure if this will be my home forever but for now this is the space I need to focus on my career and dreams. I’ve always been a little lost in my own path however within the last two years I’ve begin to walk on the path to where I want to be. I moved a lot when I was younger, and my parents always believed each home should represent your success and your future goals in life. From the looks of it, I feel like I’ve accomplished beyond my expectations. But this also means I will do my very best to give my 100% and more into everything I create as a living.

"There is no place like home."L. Frank Baum, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz

Born Ready | Reality Bites

In the last two days I’ve spent most of my day creating these new decorations for Born Ready that is happening on Friday, April 4. These will be display surrounding and inside the fort (photo booth) that I am installing on site. There wasn’t a particular theme colour that they asked for but I decided to keep it clean and neutral and metallics. I’m pretty excited for it, because it be the first time that I’ve installed a fort outside from my own home. Nevertheless I’m happy to be able to share this magical experience with everyone. 

I want to personally thank Steph Bosch and Dana Herlihey for letting me be part of Born Ready. It’s truly an honor to decorate for the LGBTQ community and a dream come true to share my blanket forts with everyone. Thank you.

Born Ready | Reality Bites

Currently I am working on a structure for a fort that I am constructing for a queer event that is happening this coming Friday. I was asked to create a kissing/photo booth that resembled like my forts that I’ve built in the past. The fort will be about 6ft wide and about roughly 10 feet high. I’ve use the Crazyforts as my main structure to create a circus tent form. To hold the structure I will use strings to be hung above the seating area. Because its light this will be easy to construct and take down without worrying about the foundation of the structure. In addition to make it magical I will use bed sheets, pretty lights and some handmade garlands surrounding and inside the fort.

It’s going to be the biggest queer event that is happening on Queen West area on April 4th. For more information about the event you can check out their website and their Facebook page.

For a long time I’ve known Sab Meynert’s art , I had always thought so fondly of her line drawings and her creative mind of thinking. When we first met we were art students and there were very few people who I knew appreciated the same aesthetic. I instantly gravitated to her work when we shared our art with each other. I remember our first hangout, we spent hours talking and drawing. It was the first time that I felt so connected to another queer artist and was comfortable to draw peacefully. I am thankful for our friendship, and to see her growth as a artist has really taught me to push myself not to be afraid to be different. It has been a real journey to see this young badass artist blooming in Toronto.

I want to congratulate Sab’s first big art show at a one of the respectable galleries of our city. On March 12th it was such a special moment for her to celebrate her birthday while showing her latest series of work at De Luca Fine Art Gallery. If you’ve known her earlier works, most of it was in black and white, it was always embellished with natural influences, ambiguous objects and highly detailed linework. It reminded me a lot of specimens, a collection of obscure objects that later transform into landscapes. She started to introduce colour into her work [after graduating in 2013] which added such a new touch to her beautiful drawings. One of my favorite things about her drawings is how much meaning there is behind the work. You’ll notice nothing is obviously there for you to pinpoint, but you can sense the chaos, vulnerability, and memories that resonates with her life. 

If you haven’t seen her work or gone to her show yet, I highly recommend you check it out at De Luca Fine Art Gallery. It will be on display until April 5th, showcasing 6 never-before-seen pieces, 4 of which have already sold. For more information about her show you can find it through the DLFA website ,and while you’re at it you should check out other commission drawings she’s done currently only on facebook. She just recently updated her website, check it!

I did a mini interview with Sab way back in the day, in 2011, and you can take a look and see the inside scope of Sab’s beautiful complex mind <3”

outer of space glitter face | Worn Fashion Journal Issue 18 

Last week I was invited to decorate Worn Fashion Journal's party for their newest issue. Here is the over view of some parts of the installation for the entrance and the DJ booth area. For the DJ booth I thought it be cool to construct prisms along the giant mirror. This created a wicked illusion of infinite octagon stars. Follow by a giant wall entrance to the dance floor, I covered a 14 feet wall of reflective paper to transform the room into spaceship. Adding some pretty lights and more geometric forms that was displayed through out the space. Although I wished there was more time to elaborate the space the installation, but due to some circumstances this was the best I could do .Overall it was a great experience and I want to thank all my friends and family for supporting me throughout this project. And of course I want to thank Worn Fashion Journal crew for trusting me and being apart of this intergalactic journey!

Here are some more photos of the event on my flickr account

outer of space glitter face | Worn Fashion Journal Issue 18 

I am very happy to announce that I am invited to decorate a special event that is happening tonight, Saturday March 22, 2014. For the last couple years, I’ve admire Worn Fashion Journal's magazine launch and has always wanted to collaborated with them. This year I got in touch with the event team and was invited to work with them. I can't explain how excited I am to install this event for all my family and friends to see my latest and biggest creation. 

For this theme party, they’ve asked me to create a “outer space” related. The first thing that came to mind mine was the colour scheme of the galaxy universe; blue, purple and silver tones. My concept of the design was to create a atmosphere that felt like you’ve walked into a retro sci-fi space ship. As you can see the images above are samples of some of the materials that will be part of the install. 

If you are interested to check out the event, you can log on to your facebook to find out more information at this LINK. You can buy your tickets in advance online or at the door and receive Worn Journal Magazine’s latest issue. 

I will be posting updates on my instagram during the install and of course post more picture of the final staging when it’s completed. I’m looking forward to see it all done and celebrate one of my biggest installation. 

Special Thanks to Alyssa and Emmett, the event coordinators for Worn Journal - Anna and Angela and the editor of Worn Journal -Serah- Marie McMahon. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and that I am happy you trust me to make this event super magical ! 

Recently I was invited to my talented photographer friend, Alice Lo&#8217;s studio to shoot some portraits of my mask. Here is her website where you can find some more awesome photos of her photo shoot. 

Recently I was invited to my talented photographer friend, Alice Lo’s studio to shoot some portraits of my mask. Here is her website where you can find some more awesome photos of her photo shoot. 

OOH KILL &#8216;EM contest time [March 09 - March 13]: show Tessar and I how you get it// post an instagram of yourself dancing with the hashtag, #dontsaydanse and we will pick two winners, the best video and the best picture- you can get a &#8216;don&#8217;t say, danse,&#8217; figure, all expenses paid- winners will be announce on Sunday March 16. Show me your best moves and ooh kill&#8217;em ✨⭐️💫✨🌟✨✨

OOH KILL ‘EM contest time [March 09 - March 13]: show Tessar and I how you get it// post an instagram of yourself dancing with the hashtag, #dontsaydanse and we will pick two winners, the best video and the best picture- you can get a ‘don’t say, danse,’ figure, all expenses paid- winners will be announce on Sunday March 16. Show me your best moves and ooh kill’em ✨⭐️💫✨🌟✨✨


I went home to help my parents clean their basement and I found some of my older works. In another couple weeks I will be moving back downtown. I’m a little stress about packing but never the less excited to have a fresh start. 

mask party shoot
I finally got to catch up with my talented photographer friend, Alice Lo. Here is a sneak peak photo shoot of our masks that we made for New Years.

New and exciting projects is on our way, my friends and I decided to take a night off and just party hard!!! 

BAG HEADS - Shae Chang
Currently a fun show is happening at  Hunt Club displaying Shae Chang's drawings. I really like the opening night it was interactive, they provided free materials to make your own paper bag masks. At the end the evening everyone was taking photos together with their paper bag masks. I can't wait till I host a mask party this summer !!! 

Kol Kid Spring Window 2014 | The Secret Garden

WIP Part 2: Mah Secret Garden | Kol Kid Spring Window 2014

In my second part of the installation, I’ve created these vines made from different shades of green tissue paper. In the photos I’ve demonstrated what they would look like when I display the vines on the side wall of the window. However my main focus of the vines will be hanging above of the main store front window. This will give the illusion of overgrown vines leaves infesting the garden. 

On Friday I will be installing  the window, stay tune for the finish result of the Spring window for Kol Kid. 


blooming in my garden


blooming in my garden



WIP PART 1: Mah Secret Garden | Kol Kid Spring Window 2014 

Over the last couple weeks  I’ve been working so hard making these oversize flowers for the store front window back wall. Each of the flowers are about 1.5 ft by 1.5 ft with different colour tissue paper covering about 6 ft by 3 ft of the wall. Today I finally completed the first big portion of the display for Kol Kid’s spring window display. The next step is to create vines and flower garlands that will be hanging above all the products that will be merchandised in the window. 

I’m looking forward to see this window come together!